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Nomado Paddling Series

3 events in 3 different settings. The distance is between 9 km and 11 km. The idea with this series is to enjoy and have fun with other paddlers whether you are on a SUP, surf ski, kayak, or other paddling watercraft. You can go at a relaxed pace, admire the naturescape and beautiful birds, or indulge in a long fika. If paddling fast and aiming for a record time is your thing, you can do this until your heart rate hits the roof! The choice is yours. We just want you to enjoy and have fun!

Nomado Paddling Series - Söderköping Stream and Canal Paddle, 11 km

Söderköping Stream and Canal Paddle

11 km in Storån and Göta Canal

Saturday, May 29, 10.00.
Fika will be served from 9.00 to 9.45. This is a good opportunity to connect with other paddlers.

Where - Start and finish
Söderköping, Bergaskolan parking (Tingshusgatan 1, 614 34 Söderköping)

The paddle starts in the city center of Söderköping. We will follow the narrow stream Storån all the way to Mem in the bay of Slätbaken. After carrying our watercraft 50 m past the Göta Canal’s first lock, we will continue towards Söderköping. The second carry is past the Tegelbruket lock 1 km before we finish our paddle in front of the Söderköping lock where we will carry our watercraft 150 m to the finish.

Note: If you want to avoid the last 150 m carry, it is possible to cross over to Storån before the Tegelbruket lock and continue the last 1,5 km to the finish. You will only have to carry your watercraft 30 meter from Göta Canal to Storån.

Söderköping facilities
Parking in front of Bergaskolan, Restaurants, Cafes, Great ice cream place -  Smultronstället, Toilets

Nomado Paddling Series - Lake Svängbågen, 9 km

Lake Svängbågen Paddle

9 km in Lake Svängbågen

Saturday, June 12, 10.00.
Fika will be served from 9.00 to 9.45. This is a good opportunity to connect with other paddlers.

Where - Start and finish
Start at Road 55 rest area at Lake Svängbågen. Finish at Sjökullen on the other end of Lake Svängbågen. Arrange your transportation between start and finish in a way that suits you. The distance back to the start is 5 km. The first 4 km is a gravel road that is excellent for biking or running.

The paddle starts in the west part of Lake Svängbågen close to where it begins. After paddling north 3 km, we will change course 90° east and continue in an east/southeast direction for 4 km. The lake will bend to the south. We can stop at the islet Sundholmen and sign the guestbook. We will continue south and follow the lake to Sjökullen where it ends and will carry our watercraft 25 m to the gravel road.

Sjökullen facilities
You can have a car or bike parked here on the south side of the road. But there is no real parking area. Be respectful to nature and don't block the road.

Nomado Paddling Series - Around Arkö, 11 km

Around Arkö Paddle

11 km around the island Arkö in the Arkösund archipelago

Saturday, July 3, 10.00.
Fika will be served from 9.00 to 9.45. This is a good opportunity to connect with other paddlers.

Where - Start and finish
Arkösund, Sköldvik Beach (Sköldvik Världens Ände 107, 610 25 Vikbolandet)

The paddle starts from the sandy beach in Sköldvik 2 km from Arkösund. After passing the islands Tallholmen and Sundsholmen, we will cross the strait to Arkö and head north for the narrow channel Lilla Arkösundet between the islands Hästö and Arkö.

After passing the canal, we will paddle east towards the strait between Arkö and Lunda. After passing the strait, we will follow the land to the south and will soon spot the Viskär lighthouse. From the lighthouse, you can choose to paddle in a straight line back to Sköldvik or continue following the land to Arkö Lotsstation (pilot station) and cross the strait at the narrowest point over to Sundsholmen and Sköldvik.

Sköldvik facilities
Free parking, Hostel, Cafe, Toilets, Kayak and SUP rental Arkö kajak